What To Expect When Hiring Us

  • Hiring us to get your property cleaned by starts by contacting us via phone, text, email, or Facebook messaging. Besides the services your're requesting, please be prepared to supply your full name, phone number, house address, email address, and how you found us.
  • We will send you an online estimate through email within a day. Feel free to call us back with any questions.
  • Once you accept the estimate, it's time to schedule your appointment. We have a flexible scheduling policy which allows you to decide whether you want to be present or away when we work. It is not required that you be home on the appointed day, but it is recommended.
  • Please make sure that all windows and doors and shut before we arrive.
  • Expect to walk the property with us after the job is complete so you can approve the work. If you're not at home, we'll wait to bill you until you approve our work.
  • Expect a follow up call within 48 hours of when we finish work. This is our way of making sure that everything came out perfect for you.
  • Please review us on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Thumbtack, or Nextdoor by following the links attached in the online estimate and receipt attachments!

The Cleaning Process

  • We start by clearing all outdoor furniture, covering all exterior outlets & fixtures, plus protecting all at risk landscaping.
  • For most jobs, a solution of cleaning detergents will be applied to surfaces using low pressure.
  • A hot water power washing or soft washing will be applied to clean or rinse the surfaces.
  • If post-treatment is required, we will repeat the cleaning process outlined above until a satisfactory result is produced.
  • Upon the job's approval, all outdoor furniture will be put back in place, we'll pack up, and perhaps ask you to sign a waiver to post before and after pics of your property on the internet.