Why is there a minimum charge of $125 for residential work?
    The residential minimum ensures that the costs and time Luke's Pressure Washing spends while completing a job is properly compensated for. The $125 minimum charge for services applies when any service(s) ordered does not exceed $125. For example, when a customer orders just a driveway cleaning ($90 value), the charge will be $125. However, if a customer orders a combination of services totaling over $125, like both a driveway and patio cleaning worth ($90+$99=$189), then the charge will be a simple combination of the prices shown below.
    How long does it take to pressure wash a house, driveway, or patio?
    It all depends on the job. A standard driveway job will take roughly between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Patios take roughly the same amount of time, only moving outdoor furniture around can take up more time. House washes greatly vary in time spent cleaning, especially if the house is made of brick or stone. Generally, a house wash takes between 1-3 hours. One thing is sure, with our professional equipment, we can clean your property a lot faster than the average person with a generic pressure washer can!
    Do you expect customers to sign a contract?
    No! Luke's Pressure Washing doesn't believe in putting undue pressure on clients to sign any contracts. However, we're very interested in forming a long-term relationship with you. If you're happy with our services, please don't hesitate to reach out and request regularly scheduled services.
    Will you use the water from my house?
    Most of the time, all pressure washing companies use on-site water sources to wash. However, with our efficient chemical solutions, the amount of on-site water used will be limited.
    Will you move my outdoor furniture for me?
    Yes, it's our pleasure. Although, please note that since certain surfaces such as patio floors may still be wet before we leave. Therefore, moving rugs and door mats may have to wait until all floors finish drying.
    What happens if my property gets damaged?
    Luke's Pressure Washing is fully insured service. While we have the systems in place to protect your property and landscape, we are prepared to completely compensate you for any damages our services might have caused.
    What is the best time of year to get my properties exterior washed?
    Whenever your properties exterior is dirty is a good time to get it washed, of course. Every property is different, however, here a few ideas of when the best time to order a house, driveway, or patio cleaning is: Spring (wash away Winter's ugly, damp, cold residue): - House Washing - Driveway Cleaning - Patio Cleaning Summer (don't be distracted by ugly stains and mold on your property's exterior while enjoying the sun): - House Washing - Patio Cleaning - Wall/Fence Cleaning - Deck Cleaning - Pool Deck Cleaning Fall (prepare for the holiday season): - House Washing - Driveway Cleaning - Patio Cleaning - Deck Cleaning Winter (keep slip hazards to a minimum): - Driveway Cleaning - Patio Cleaning - Deck Cleaning Putting your house on the market (curb appeal counts): - House Washing - Driveway Cleaning - Patio Cleaning - Pool Deck Cleaning - Deck Cleaning - Wall/Fence Cleaning
    What is your referral program?
    Glad you asked, we love referrals! If you give out one referral that turns into business for us, you are eligible to receive a $5 Starbucks gift card. Your second referral gets you a $10 HEB gift card. From then on any referrals you send our way earns you a $20 Amazon gift card. If you send us 10 referrals then you've earned a batch of brownies, delivered to your door for your enjoyment! If you like getting gifts, please consider giving us a referral.
    What is your preferred method of payment?
    In order of preference, cash, check, credit card, and paypal. Commercial customers can inquire as to direct bank deposits.
    Will the cleaning solution hurt my plants?
    No! We've never had one complaint concerning dead landscaping as a result of our services. We'll properly cover your plants, or at least rinse them down before, during, and after the cleaning process with clean, filtered water which will wash away any over spray from an already diluted chemical solution.
    How many times should I wash my property?
    Good question, it's important to keep the big picture in mind. Your property's exterior is like a car. It requires regular maintenance, but the better products and services you use to maintain it, the less total time you'll need to spend keeping that maintenance up. We recommend that residential customers have their driveway and house serviced every spring and patios serviced twice a year, for the spring and holiday seasons. We recommend commercial customers settle on a regular maintenance schedule with us that meets the specific needs for that property. Regardless, when you hire us you're paying for quality. The professional cleaning your property is getting from us will last a lot longer than if a non-professional cleaned it.
    What is the house wash cleaning solution made of?
    Our house wash cleaning solution is made of water, bleach, detergent, and a scent cover. The bleach cleans away mold and algae, the detergent takes care of dirt, grease and webs, ect. Driveway and patio cleaning generally has the same mix, only a degreaser pre-treatment is common for some areas.
    Is there a warranty for services rendered?
    Yes! If WITHIN THREE DAYS OF WHEN WE SERVICED YOUR PROPERTY you notice a spot we missed or are just unhappy with our work, please notify us. We will come back and fix whatever problems you have with our work, completely free of charge.
    Can I pressure wash my own property?
    You can certainly do your own pressure washing, however, there are several reasons why hiring a professional service is a better idea. Here are just a few: - Saves you time! You get to spend your weekend relaxing while we take care of cleaning your property. Also, time is money. By hiring a professional company, you get to get other work done that you couldn't if you had to worry about pressure washing an entire house. - Saves equipment costs. By the time you go rent a pressure washer, or buy one, you've already spent enough time and money to order a basic driveway/patio cleaning from Luke's Pressure Washing. - The results are higher quality. We know how to clean your property right, all we do is pressure wash. You can pressure clean your house but, besides possibly damaging your house, you're only going to take care of the allergens that you can see. With our professional pressure washing service, the right chemicals and hot water equipment will be brought in to completely clean your property of all allergens. This will ensure your property will stay clean longer.